Project objectives:

  1. Realization of a data-base of daily climatological data of precipitation, minimum and maximum temperature for the period from 1961 to 2005. This data-base is loaded on an ftp site internal to the project and maintained by ARPA-Piemonte. Data for different regions or provinces are uploaded on the site by the partner owing the local monitoring network. Each partner is responsible to improve the quality of the data and update them when needed.
  2. Evaluation of the space and time coverage of the observational data and possible digitalization campaigns aimed at improving them.
  3. Identification of the methods to be used to control the quality of the data and their statistical homogeneity.
  4. Production of a daily analysis over Northern Italy for the period covered by the data. This analysis will be used to fulfil all institutional duties of the project partners and to make available the information relative to the climate conditions and climate variability over Northern Italy to the external community.



Current progress status of the project:

  1. Precipitation data have already been uploaded by almost all regions. As for now, the data-set includes about 600 time series each one characterised by a time coverage of data in excess of 80% of the total period between 1961 to 2000.
  2. Temperature data have been uploaded by some regions. Two regions are currently in the process of digitizing their historical data. The density of the temperature dataset is substantially lower than that of the precipitation data-set.
  3. The analysis and visualization software PRAGA formerly used to produce a climatological analysis for Emilia-Romagna has been extended to the whole Northern Italian territory. The software applies a simple quality control procedure to the data and has been extended in order to be able to apply three different statistical homogeneity tests on the climatological time series uploaded by the project partners: the SNHT, the Craddock and the Vincent test.